Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello World of Blogging!

Hello All! We have been thinking of blogging for a while now and thought that we should follow through with it! We just want to record some happenings that have occured since we've been married. So here goes..... Our first official post! Yay! We thought this would be a great chance to update everyone on the last three years of our lives. We got married a little over three years ago, December 9, 2006. Since then, Jon and I have moved to Auburn for him to start the Harrison School of Pharmacy and for me to start my teaching career. We are still living in Auburn and love it here! We miss our family and friends dearly, but have had quite an adventure on our own. Jon is already in his third year of Pharmacy School and I am in my third year of teaching. We have both learned a lot, of which you will read and see on later posts. Over the next few weeks we will post entries to cover the past few years until we catch up to present day life in The House of Burgesses.

We wanted to start by posting the slide show form our wedding that never played correctly, but the file is too large to upload. So we posted it on youtube for everyone to see. Follow the link below if you want to see the infamous slide show!

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