Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ten Months Old and Not Afraid of Anything!

            Changes, changes every day!  Charlie Kate is walking more and speaking so much jibber jabber.  It is so funny to watch her sit and play, making all kinds of noises, having full conversations with her toys!  She has started pulling pillows off the couch to sit and bounce on them.  She is super picky about food right now.  I think it is the different textures being introduced.  She loves avocado, sweet potato, carrots and corn mixture, and all fruits especially chopped prunes!  She hates green beans and English peas.  She likes bananas when I put them in the blender, but hates them just chopped.  She is definitely like her daddy with textures.  I have been experimenting with everything and using my little Magic Bullet.  It is a “must have” in my opinion, and I would have registered for that or the Ninja if I had known how much I use it.  I got mine at Bargain Hunt… actually my father-in-law picked it up for me:).
Trying Oatmeal Pineapple Mango Creation By Mommy

          We have a real dare devil on our hands!  She lunges toward objects and people without any fear of smacking her face, and she definitely has had some hard smacks.  She dives for toys on the floor when she is in my lap, chases after innocent dogs to grab their ears and tales, and tries to pull very heavy furniture across the floor and down on top of her!  AGH! 
Sitting in her toy bag with the toys

Driving Sam's Car

          We just cleaned her clothes out and filled her closet and drawers with her 12 month clothes.  Don’t worry, we didn’t go out and buy all new clothes.  We have been very fortunate to have several ladies that have had little girls that took care of their clothes before us!  We also attend the semi- annual Wee Swap Consignment Sale.  I’m looking forward to the next one!

          I am starting to think about and plan for her 1st birthday.  I’m thinking about using the book we bought her for Christmas as a theme, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.  I have been scoping out Pinterest and found a ton of cute ideas.  The question for now is invitations.  Who, and how many do I invite?  Should I keep it to just family, or should I invite all friends, or just the friends with kids her age?  Agh!  Who would have thought this would be so tough?!  The amount of people will definitely affect the place too!  Bah!  This might be the time to call on my Amazing in-laws :)  Love them! 

          Mom has been keeping Charlie Kate while I sub a few days a week, and is starting to get attached to her.  When she sees her she smiles, lunges for her, and claps her hands.  It’s sweet!  Jon’s mom was a super brave woman and took on keeping Charlie Kate and our three nieces while we had a girl day at the movies.  Jon’s brother, Matt, came to help and said that Charlie Kate was jealous of Nora.  Debbie was feeding Nora in the highchair and Charlie Kate crawled to her and climbed her leg.  Sounds like we have some ownership issues. :)

          Charlie Kate had her first night away from home without us!  My sister, Katy, watched her one night while we went to a benefit concert, and decided to keep her overnight… She had an eventful night of Ms. Charlie Kate waking up Every time she tried to put her down.  So they ended up sleeping on the couch together all night :)  I felt awful!  Katy went through a lot of trouble to get a pack-n-play, and a sound machine, and all the little “must haves” so she would feel at home. Ha!  I guess she just knew that Aunt Katy needed a reminder of life with a baby!
So sleepy after a night sleeping on the couch

Time for a nap...2 seconds later she's pulling that frame down!

          We are so blessed to have so many people helping us out with Charlie Kate anytime we need.  We are definitely using our “village” to raise our daughter!  She loves spending time with each of them, and we are comforted knowing that she is in such great care of those that love her dearly. 

Silly Girl

Loves Books

Grocery Shopping with Mommy

Night Night Daddy

Visiting Daddy at Work

Dear Sweet Charlie Kate,

          You are blessed above and beyond anything that we could ever be responsible for giving you.  Our Heavenly Father has put amazing people in your life to help us teach you, mold you, and protect you in this life on earth.  We pray that you understand that we are not only preparing you for this life of trials, but way beyond that we are striving to prepare you for your life in eternity.  We love you forever and ever!- Mommy and Daddy

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