Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 Months Old!

Charlie Kate,

You are such a big girl!  As soon as you wake up in the morning you give us a great big smile.  It makes our day!  Daddy hogs you in the morning since I get to stay with you all day while he works.  He misses us so much at work.  He texts me and asks for pictures on a daily basis.  So we go visit him, and all of the techs a lot.

Your daily activities are very fascinating!  You tell very intense stories with your grunts and coos.  Don’t worry; we have recorded many examples for keepers!  You have just started sitting in your Bumbo this week, and so far you love it.  You hold your head up like a pro.  You clasp your hands together and try to fit them both in your mouth. 

We went to Missouri for your very first Kent Family Reunion.  You met Great Gran for the first time.  Everyone loved you and was super impressed with your strength!  You did so great in your car seat all 8 hours of the trip!  I believe the trip helped you to be able to fall asleep without being rocked at all!  Rocking time was already very minimal, but now you suck on that pacifier and fall right to sleep. (So Sad) I do have to get some “rocking time” in for myself.  You are a wiggle worm and are sure to run before walking.  We have had great success at church- one blow-out/ outfit poop damage, several spit ups, and only one serious cry.  You have a hard time sleeping through the singing, but don’t seem to mind. (You like to be serenaded)  We traveled to Birmingham for a wedding where you met sweet little Lilly Click.  You gave her a hug and gave lots of smiles, it was so sweet!

  As you can tell we think everything you do is so precious and can’t get enough of you.  It has been a Happy 3 Months!  We LoVe YoU Charlie Kate Burgess!

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