Thursday, August 2, 2012

Charlie Kate is 4 months Old!

Charlie Kate,

    You are such a big girl!  We are constantly amazed by how awesome you are.  We are 100% positive that we don’t deserve you, but are so glad God gave you to us to have for a while.  We pray that we are doing a good job at being your parents and that you grow to seek Him.  Let’s see, what have you been up to this month?  You are constantly changing, so, here goes: 

We have had your second round of shots… you cried more this time, but it didn’t last too long.  You sleep so well through the night. Sometimes we have to put your paci back in your mouth in the early morning, but you go right back to sleep.  You drool so much all of the time, so you wear a bib a LOT.  Everyone asks if you are cutting teeth and we’re not sure, but I think you just like to spit.  We took a vacation to Orlando, FL, and also to Chatanooga, TN with daddy’s side of the family.  You traveled so well in the car and everyone took turns playing with you.  We always have eventful trips, but the Orlando trip was life changing.  We’ll tell you the story one day, but just know that your daddy is my hero.  You have a new cousin, Nora!  YAY!  Dan and Leann were blessed with her right after we got back from Orlando.  You two are only 3 months apart.  I’m glad that you will have a play partner so close to your age. 

Your hair is growing back in after falling out… it seems to be blonde with a bit of a red tint when the sun shines on it.  You love to be outside or look out the window at the trees and flowers.  You lift your head and legs up, when we lay you down, like you want to get up and play.  You love to look at pictures in your books!

You love to look around at everything and everyone.  The simplest things seem to grab your attention the most, and you give the best smiles ever!   During the day you like to sit in your Bumbo, ride around in the car with me on errands, bounce, swing, and play on your tummy-time mat.  You have just begun to sit in your play gym and jump around for five- ten minutes at a time.  I’m nervous that your legs will develop all curvy if I leave you in too longJ. 

Your buddy Sam was watching Baby Eintein shows, so I decided to try it with you, and you LOVE it!  We started letting you have oatmeal with your bottles and spoon- feed it to you in the mornings.  You don’t like the spoon when you are super hungry, or if you see your bottle, but you like it pretty well the rest of the time. You get tired of it after a while, and then you open your mouth so it all falls out… We feed you without cloths a lot of the time, you are too cute! J  I love dressing you and trying on bigger sizes to see if they fit!  You don’t like to change very much so I try to keep it to a minimumJ.  You have really started to enjoy pulling up your shirts, dresses, and bibs to look at the pattern and colors on them. 
You are 23.5”long (90th percentile), and weigh 13lbs. 2 oz. (50th percentile).
You love all of your cousins, they keep you very entertained.  Nana, Papa, Grandma, and Grandad all think you are so wonderful and just love it when daddy and I call to see if they want to visit or keep you for us.

You have just begun to laugh and give little giggle sounds.  It’s amazing!  You give daddy really juicy kisses on his nose when he lifts you up to his face.  You two get to snuggle at night right before bed most of the time.  You smile really big when he comes in the door, and he loves it! 

You sleep, sleep, sleep before your evening meal, and when you wake-up you are ready for your bottle, and while you eat you stare at me and get really cozy.  You usually like to take your time with that bottle, and when you finish it you want to sit really still and cuddle.

WE LOVE YOU, Charlie Kate Burgess!  Happy 4 months! (Just a little late)

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