Wednesday, November 28, 2012

 “Yeah, I can Stand!”

Charlie Kate is Eight Months Old

I’m not sure if this is supposed to work like this?!  Is she suppose to be this big?  I know I am always saying that, but seriously, I’m not loving this “speed of light” infancy!  Anyway…

We have been remodeling our house for over a year now, and feel that the end is near, but not there yet.  I have to say, Charlie Kate has been a trooper through all of it!  She was in my belly for most of it, but for the bit that she has been out here with all of us has been pretty great.  She has had to give up her nap once or twice due to drilling and loud noise, or had to stay off the floors due to dust and yucky”ness” being traipsed in the house. 

In the midst of the chaos she has: had her first bump on the head, which left a knot for a day (She cried pretty hard for a couple of minutes and I had some unexplained moisture in my eyes?!?  Ha!); began to pull up and walk around holding on to sturdy furniture; given her first “I don’t like you” look; started growing more teeth, Boo; started feeding yourself; stopped wanting to drink all of her bottle in one sitting; had her first ear infection, bless; began waving and saying “hey” (in her own way); started to wear nine month clothing; grown a lot (weighs 18.5 lbs.; skinny but super long); continued to amaze us!

We had a blast parading around on Halloween!  We went to see Jon at work.  We went to church, where we saw Grandma and Granddad and all of her little friends.  We had great intentions to go visit Matt, Whit, Dan, and Leann, but had to end the night at Nana and Papa’s.  Charlie Kate wore her owl costume, and of course, she was super sweet!

I don’t get how no matter what Charlie Kate is wearing or how many ways I emphasize that she is a female, people call her a “he”.  “He sure is cute!”, “He sure does smile big!”  I think it’s kind of like that view I had as a child about cats and dogs.  I thought cats were girls and dogs were boys.  Maybe some people just view all babies as male.  Ha!

So to sum it up, being a parent is smelly, dirty, confusing, and hilarious!  Charlie Kate Rocks our world and is so wonderful!!!
Visiting Daddy at work on Halloween


I love nature

Grandad, Big Mama, and Me

EVERYTHING goes in my mouth

First boyfriend- Jeffrey better watch it!

First horse ride with daddy

Serious play mode

Me and Laney just palying ball

Molly and Me in class

Guntersville Retreat with AU buds (Lilly, me, and Jeffrey)

Boating buds (Gracie and Me)

Sam, Nora, me, Evvy

Grandma trying to get my attention from the ceiling

Aunt Katy making me laugh

Aunt Leann snuggling

Feeding myself!!
First bump

Charlie Kate and cousin Nora

Charlie Kate,  

We love you forever and ever, to the moon and back, with chocolate sauce, whip topping, sprinkles, and cherries on top!
Our Family Novemeber 2012

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