Monday, October 22, 2012


Month 7 of Many, Many, More!


Dear Charlie Kate,

This is such a fun time in your life!  God has such a great sense of humor, and you are proof of that!  Daddy and I are having such a fun time with you at this stage, we laugh a lot.  Every day you amaze us with the silly expressions, physical techniques, and your overall cuteness!  Your personality is so great!

The crazy, awesome things you are doing/ we are finding out:  Responding to your name, crawling more confidently, pulling up on stationary things to a standing position, saying dada (first words), and many sound slurs, your two bottom teeth have come in and are super sharp!!!, eating tons of new veggie’s, eating puffs broken into three parts, resisting diaper changesJ, we found out that you are ticklish under your arms and on your ribs,  you LOVE fruit (all kinds), you refuse to hold your bottle, and you are super astounded by shoes.

We have had to start giving you baths as a team because you are trying to stand up in the bath tub, but you are such a trooper at bath time.  We got your ears pierced!  They are so cute!  You love your class on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.  You play with Molly, Sam, Laney, and Gracie… well, I call it play.  You all look at each other while putting your hand, or whatever is in it, in your mouth.  There was a special day to present all of the babies born in 2012 with a Bible.  So you have your very first pink engraved Bible, and it’s just the right size for you!

Our days consist of eating, playing in the floor, napping, playing in the play-yard, swinging, strolling outside, swinging outside, jumping in the jumper, reading books (you love to pat them), and snuggling on the couch.  Grandma (Linda) or Papa (Travis) gets to keep you during the day when I get to work and daddy is working too.  I miss you so much when I go, but you have such a great time with them, and it is so special.  We feel blessed that I don’t work every day right now, and that daddy has entire days off to spend with us.  We usually try to plan something fun for us to do.  We went to McGee Farm and played with the chickens, goats, and pigs.  We walked around to see all of the different pumpkins, and mums that they grow, and you were nuts over Everything there!  We got each of us a pumpkin, and yours was just the right size for you!  It is almost Halloween, and we are looking forward to your very first Harvest Festival and Trunk-or-Treat! 

We pray for you every night.  We pray that we teach you the right way to act and treat others.  We pray that you meet a man to marry, whom you will respect, that respects you, and that will be your team-mate to get to Heaven.  We pray for the friends you will have (their parnets too), that they are good examples to you, and you to them.  We know that this world can be cruel, and we pray that you don’t conform to it.  God is Awesome and loves you even more than we do! We can’t fathom a love deeper than ours for you, but it’s true!  We pray that you are fruitful, and that you are a light to others.  We have started recently praying for a specific “fruit of the spirit” a day.  We hope that we can be the good example to you, that we should be, by becoming more intentional on a daily basis.  You have changed our lives for the better!  We are so glad that God gave you to us, and are just excited to see what this next month brings! 

Until then..
We LOVE you to the moon and back,
Mommy and Daddy

Just Us!

Loves her Aunt Katy
Sitting in Jackson's lap
Love to Swing
First two teeth!
Grandad hugs
Visiting Daddy at work
2012 Baby Recognition at Cross Point
Always moving my hands
Cosin Nora and I love to suck on our hands!
This is how we stroll!
We got your ears pierced!  Yay!
Sadie giving kisses.. yuck!
Mommy and Me
"Yup, this tastes like a toy!"
Happy Fall Y'all!


  1. Becca,

    Was searching for my GF's blog and came across yours. Loved your own story of piercing your dd's ears.

    This was a perfect age to pierce her ears! I walked away leaving our dd with dh to hold her:)

    You were a smart mommy for doing it now and following mommy intuition earlier is best when mommy can care for them. Babies and little girls with little pierced ears celebrates their femininity and femaleness.

    Our ped said doing it early was best and had some tips for moms having their infant dd's ears pierced. If any moms are thinking about it, and want some more research on the topic, write me an e-mail.


  2. Rebecca-Your family is PRECIOUS!! Charlie Kate is just a doll and absolutely beautiful. I hope y'all are doing well!