Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer and Such

Mommy Poppins Playgroup

Hanging out at the mall!
Library Class

Charlie Kate is so brave, but still needs daddy' hands.

Jackson's loving, can't beat it!

Ready for errands! Sunglasses, check!  Coin purse, check!
You found me!

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Just scooting around


Play group with Molly

Hiding Spot

Library Class

Thanks for my play-set, Nana and Poppa!

Splash pad

Auburn Friend Fun

I started a little play group for some of my close mommy friends to get together, and have some adventures with our kids this summer.  Our group is on called, “Mommy Poppins of Florence”.  Charlie Kate loves all of the playtime, but  I just feel like I sweat a lot, given that she is on the Run 98.5% of the time.  She is going through this “everything is a toy, including people” phase.  So, she pokes eyes, pulls hair (only mine), bites (only me so far), and takes toys from others!  This is very trying on my nerves.  I know she is exploring toys in her mind, but this is unacceptable behavior according to people who have never had kids or have forgotten this part.   I find myself apologizing and trying to explain this stage. I sound like one of those moms that think her child does No wrong.  We are also in the "screaming randomly" phase. So, church is fun, and unpredictable. 

Talking and Singing 
Charlie Kate jibber jabbers a string of “words” and then laughs as if she told a joke..  She does this often throughout the day, and it is hysterical!  I love her humor already!   Her favorite song is, “This Little Light of Mine”.  She holds her little finger up every time I start to sing any song now.  She loves for me to blow her finger when we “don’t let Satan blow it out”. 

Dancing: hope this video shows

For some reason I had the Six Flags commercial jingle on my mind for a week or so.  We would do that jingle while cooking, playing, etc. I would look at CK and she would be dancing with her hands above her head like she was under arrest. 

Tummy Time mat is being used to its full potential!

Worn out!  

Charlie Kate sleeps very well and is now down to two naps a day.  She takes a super long nap now  in the mornings and goes down for a nap in the evening.  She gives pretty good cues when she is sleepy.

Fruit and Vegi's are good from a pouch

Love Mommy's Cup

Morning Coffee... Milk

We are getting braver about the thickness of food we serve her now.  Since the two choking incidents, of which we had to do the Heimlich Maneuver, we were nervous to give chunks of any food.  She eats all table foods, and is starting to use a spoon!  When she is full she with shake her finger at us and shake her head. 

Daddy is home from Estonia! Yay!
Meeting uncle Rod

Visiting Big Mama
Lunch with Tripp

Grocery Shopping in Style
Jon and I were just having the conversation that we can think everything she does is amazing.  We tell stories to our friends about her, like they will make the morning news.?.  Other people are just not as impressed with our stories most of the time! Hmmm, Wonder why? ha!  We just realized that we are those people that think their kid is AHMAHZING!  But that’s how every parent is about their child, well a lot of parents.  So I’m just going to keep on sharing her silly geniusness, (that is a new word) on here so that whoever wants to know will read, and those who don’t want to know, will not have to run from us when you see us coming! Ha! 

 Dear Charlie Kate,
You have stolen our hearts and will steal many, many more throughout your life.  Our prayer is that you steer those hearts towards our Heavenly Father.  Show them that your joy comes from above.  We love you forever and ever, our sweet blessing!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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