Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy 2014
Hello and Happy New Year to You!  2013 flew by in a flash and I’m sure 2014 will be the same.  I have some catching up to do since I haven’t blogged since Charlie Kate turned one in March.
Charlie Kate is talking about everything, tickling everyone, and is a little social bug.  I taught her Bible class this week and she and her friends just talk to each other and play so seriously. It’s the best stage in my opinion. 

Sweetness          She hugs me and says, “Awe, mommy”, while patting my back.  At night when we pray, she says everyone’s name with the sweetest little voice.  I think God smiles a lot at her little prayers. 

Funnies              The funniest things that happen lately are:
When she calls Jon, “Don”. I guess I say his name a lot! Ha!  She will yell it across the grocery store when she can’t see him, or when she is bringing him her baby doll to hold. 

Scary               A few weeks ago Jon was playing with Charlie Kate in the floor right before bedtime, and she fell face forward onto the floor very fast.  Jon brought her to me as she was crying hysterically I looked in her bleeding mouth and saw that her tooth was pushed upward into her gums.  Jon quickly called and oral surgeon friend of ours and he gladly saw her before we put her to bed.  He reassured us that her tooth wouldn’t fall out in the middle of her sleep and cause her to choke or anything else.  However, at the time, he thought we might have to pull it, but wasn’t sure how bad it was.  We went to his office two days later for evaluation and he said it looked okay to leave it in for now.  If it turns dark or the gum turns dark, we may have to pull it.  These things are so trivial, but seem to shake the earth when they happen to your child.  Jon, bless him, was so torn up about it.  He felt like it was his fault.  He is just so tender with her, and couldn’t be further from blame, but that’s what parenthood does to youJ

Christmas           We had a blast at Christmas with her this year!  We put up a little Christmas tree in her bedroom.  We bought several little stuffed animal, unbreakable, ornaments at Target.  Anyone who came over would get the rundown of every ornament on her tree.  She knew every one of them.  Last year she just kind of played with wrapping paper, but this year she really enjoyed her gifts.  Jon and I got her some books, foam blocks, Raggedy Ann ornament, and a Raggedy Ann doll.  Nana and Poppa got her a stroller, baby doll bed, doll swing, and doll set which she LOVES!  Grandma and Granddad bought her a baby doll and another LL Bean bag to add to her set.  She carries both babies around by their head.   We will have to work on her technique since we are .

Expecting a baby on June 4th        

So Charlie Kate will be a big sister this summer!  There have been so many changes in our lives over the past two years.  We moved back to Florence, Jon got a job at Rite Aid, bought a house, bought a truck, remodeled a house, had Charlie Kate, Jon got a job at Payless Pharmacy (better hours, and is an amazing family owned pharmacy), I got a job teaching and helping coach basketball at Mars Hill Bible School, we are embarking other business adventures as we speak, and now we are having another baby!  WOO!  Changes, changes, changes! 
Pray for us as we continue this amazing journey.  God has major plans for us.  My hope is that we are good listeners, and hear what He is telling us.

Dear darling Charlie Kate and sweet baby Burgess,
          Mommy and Daddy have many dreams, hopes, and wishes for you.  We hope, most of all, that we can put aside our human interests for you, and hear the Lord’s plan for your lives.  We love you through and through, but your Father in Heaven loves you deeper and has even better things in store for you than we could ever imagine.  So, we pray to hear God for you until you can hear Him for yourself.
Happy 2014! Love, Mommy and Daddy


With Sam, Ava, and Nora 

First Horse Ride

McGee Farms 

Charlie Kate becomes a cheerleader

First Swim!

Beach Trip with Gracie

I love a bouncy house!

First  Haircut!

SO still!


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