Sunday, August 7, 2016

Goof Wad 1 and 2 Back to School

2016-2017 school year is here! Collins is in the 2 year old's class with Ms. Sheryl. Charlie Kate is in the 4year old's class with Ms. Emily. They love school so far....phew!! Charlie Kate is learning Days of the Week and Months of the year. Collins is perfecting the toilet training. They are both doing units on family so I will post some of those pictures we are using for our family tree. 

The second day with the panther!!

First Day!! We love Mars Hill!

Collins' teacher, Ms. Sheryl

Charlie Kate's teacher, Ms. Emily.

Family Tree project pictures👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Some are old and some are new🤗
Nana and Papa (daddy's parents)

Grandma and Grandad (mommy's parents)

Dan, Leann, Ava, Sam, Finn, and Nora Burgess (daddy's brother)

Jason, Katy, and Jackson - Haddock Crew.  (Mommy's sister)

Jeremy, Morgan, Alex, and Race Minor (mommy's brother)

Matt, Whitney, Bennie, and Jeb Burgess (daddy's brother)

Yours truly! Jon- Rebecca- Charlie Kate- Collins --- The Burgess's 

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