Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Happy Birthday Char!

We had a paint party to celebrate Charlie Kate's fifth birthday! She had a wonderful time is is still worn out From the week and weekend of birthday celebrations. She loves wolves the most, birds second and zebras are a close third or her favorite animals. So we chose to paint birds! Mrs. Lucy did an amazing job of entertaining this sweet bunch. She read The Dot. She gave them step by step directions to paint these little birds.  Then we all painted and decorated our own cupcakes. The girls are all so sweet and were so enthusiastic toward every part of the day. Thank you girls for being great friends to Charlie Kate and for making her birthday so special! You are all such sweet parts of our lives and beautiful little masterpieces from God! Jon and I pray for your friendships to be based on your Christian walk. We are also praying for all of the future friendships that you have, and for us parents as we navigate this new portion of life teaching about friendships.
There you are!  We didn't have a clue how awesome you were gonna be!  We love you more!
Story-time, The Dot 
Thank you grandma, for my awesome paint outfit!
I mean, look at her excitement! 
Sweet Nana! 💙 
 Best Friends! I hope they always love each other like this! #heisherbiggestfan
Love the finished paintings!  Buddies!

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