Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Queen of Oatmeal and Carrots is 5 Months Old

Sweet Darling,

        You are such a big girl, and we are in such awe of how fast you are growing.  I am pretty sure you are going to be a beat boxer or a master in languages since you are constantly making outstanding new sounds.  We have been playing a pretty intense game of peek-a-Boo, which you LOVE!  The biggest accomplishment this month has been that you are sitting up, yay!  You are so strong, and you just roll around all over the floor.  In the morning when you wake up, you play so good in your crib until we come get you to eat your oatmeal.  You like your oatmeal, but still love a bottle.  We have to hide your bottle until you finish your food. J So far, Carrots seem to be your favorite of the food- foods.  You grunt, suck on your bottom lip, and say, ”mmm” when you eat them. 

       When you play:  You still love your bouncy gym, and your play mat.  We are cautious when you are in your Bumbo now since there has been a safety recall.  You would rather sit up to play with your toys and get frustrated when you are on your back or belly.  You are really laid back, and can go to sleep almost anywhere!  We just make you cozy, put the sleep app on my phone on “rain”, and you go right to sleep.  You are AWESOME! 
       I am about to start substitute teaching and you will stay with Popa, Grandma, or Daddy on those days.  I will miss you like crazy, but I know you will love having time with them. 
       We have fun with some of your friends, love Sundays at Grandma’s, and family fun with Nana and Popa’s crew. 

      We are so thankful for you every single day, and we pray that we are teaching you and helping you grow the way God wants us to
Love Mommy and Daddy
Big Mama, Katy, Mommy, Charlie Kate

Ava, Sam, Norah, Charlie Kate

Sweet Sleep

Grandad and Chalie Kate

Molly, Sam, and Charlie Kate

Daddy's is being a bad influence!  War Eagle!
Charlie Kate and Cousin Norah
Sam is such a great help!  If she could teach Charlie Kate to hold it herslef, we would be in business!


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