Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Half Birthday Charlie Kate!

Charlie “Cake” (in the words of Sam Burgess),

            Today you are Six months and three days old.  We were just starting to feel like we were figuring things out with you when, “BAM!” you started teething, got a stomach virus, a horrible diaper burn from the virus, and your sleep/ eating schedule went out the door for 2 weeks!  It was so awful to see you so pitiful.  We tried every single thing to make you feel better and to get you to eat.  It turns out that we all made it through and you are still the sweetest most content little girl.  You seem to still like us, even after all of the forced Pedialight.   
We went to Oklahoma to Amber’s wedding last weekend.  We traveled at night which worked out great for you!   You slept the whole way there.  Daddy and I took turns sleeping.  The trip back, however, was a very different story!  You were awake for most of the twelve hours, and very frustrated that you couldn’t get out of your seat.  We will NEVER drive twelve hours again! 
You are so active!  I’m excited, but nervous about your upcoming months.   You will definitely be crawling soon, and putting more non-toys in your mouth… so we’re probably going to do some décor changes in the very near future.  You get up on all fours like you are revving up your engine, about to go!  For now you just roll over, or take a lunge with one of your legs and lose your balance because you don’t move your arms yet.  I think it’s hilarious when you roll over next to the couch and you get super mad because it stops you from rolling further! 
Two sweet little teeth have broken through your bottom gums at the same time, and are the cutest!  You do not allow us to look at them, so when we see them it’s a definite treat.  When you eat with the rubber spoon, you bite down really hard on it now.  I think you have wanted to do that for a while, and now you are making up for the time that you couldn’t grab the spoon with your teeth.  I was cleaning your gums the night we got back from Oklahoma when I felt them.  You bit down super hard on my finger as if to say, “Look what I got!”  
We got your ears pierced for your half birthday!  You did so well, and barley cried.  You definitely hesitated to cry at all, and then decided that you better express your dismay for at least ten seconds.  They look very sweet on you.  We got your birthstone, so they bring out the blue in your eyes.  We thought your eyes would turn completely green, but so far they only have a green ring around the middle.  Your hair is growing and seems to have a gold tint to it. 
You are beautiful inside, outside, up, down, and all around.  We love to hold you, and snuggle with you, but I think those days that you let us are numbered.  Boo!   We love you way so much! 
-Mommy and Daddy

Sweet Feet
Looks Like Daddy

Charlie Kate Loves Her Bath

Watching Daddy and Sam play a game

On our way to Oklahoma in my jammies

I'm a Drooler!

Grandma with all of the Grandkids

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